10 Covid-19 Scams to watch out for

1. Fake government emails offering grants of up to £7,500. Clicking on the links allows scammers to steal personal and financial information

2. Scam emails offering access to “Covid-19 relief funds”

3. Official-looking emails offering a “council tax reduction”

4. Benefit recipients are offered help in applying for universal credit, but fraudsters grab some of the payment as an advance for their “services”

5. Phishing emails claiming that the recipient has been in contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19

6. Fake adverts for non-existent coronavirus-related products

7. Fake emails and texts claiming to be from TV Licensing, offering six months free but asking people to update their payment information

8. Emails asking people to update their TV subscription services payment details by clicking on a link

9. Fake profiles on social media sites are used to manipulate victims into handing over their money

10. Fake investment opportunities are advertised on social media sites, encouraging victims to “take advantage of the financial downturn”

Source: BBC  News