Accomodation for Hospital Appt’s in Glasgow

Premier Travel Inn Glagow City Centre South which is only open for essential workers will take genuine bona fide hospital appointment patients.

You can only arrange this by first talking to the manager at the hotel who will talk through your need and emphasise the “house rules ” which must be met. AND THEY MUST BE MET.

You then make the booking in the usual way on the Premier Travel Inn central booking facility, once this is done you then ring back to the hotel to confirm with the manager.

Because it is not uncommon in the hotel industry to encounter “pretend marriages” you will need to produce documentation refering clearly to each of you as having the same residence. Houehold bills driving licences passports or whatever clearly showing the address.

You will need also your hospital documentation and there is a maximum of two people to allow for a carer.


CalMac are running a ” turn up and go” system versus the bookings system. The ferry is carrying so few vehicles and passengers there is no need to worry.

Thanks to Wilf Loynd for posting.