Argyll & Bute Council – Visitors urged to use official campsites

At this critical stage in the Scottish Government’s roadmap to further ease restrictions, it’s important that communities and visitors work together to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 and a return to lockdown.

That is why Argyll and Bute Council is urging visitors in caravans, motorhomes and campervans to make use of official campsites, to help support the local economy as well as protect their own health and the health of local communities.

Councillor Alastair Redman, Policy Lead for Economic Growth, said: “People have done an amazing job, and made a lot of sacrifices, to suppress this virus locally and nationally. We are now enjoying more lockdown restrictions being lifted, but that could change very quickly if we don’t all act responsibly.

“Tourism is one of our key industries in Argyll and Bute. Many of our businesses are built around it, it provides jobs for our young people and we enjoy bringing people to the area, many of whom come back to live and work. COVID-19 has however hit the industry hard.

“So we ask our returning visitors – help us to welcome you back. Please follow national guidance. Use official campsites so that numbers can be properly managed and so that your waste can be disposed of safely. It will not only keep you safe: it will help keep our businesses going at this crucial time so that people can enjoy coming here for years to come.”

National guidance remains:

* 2m distance

* Avoid busy beauty spots

* Don’t meet in large groups

* Wash your hands regularly

* Respect rural and island communities

From 3 July it became possible to use a caravan or motorhome provided that it is fully self-contained, and there is no requirement for you to access shared internal facilities, for example campsite or shore-side cooking, washing or toilet facilities.

Under national guidelines, campsites should only be available for users that have fully self-contained facilities, for example, caravans and motorhomes/campervans. It does not include camping in tents, where campers would have to rely on shared facilities, or in the wild, since this is not ‘booked’ in advance so numbers cannot be managed.

More information can be found on the Scottish Government website:

The Scottish Government has also published guidance for owners of campsites: