Argyll & Bute Council -Travel Advice

Everyone’s clear about the need to stay home and stay safe at the moment, and that only essential travel is permitted.

Those who do need to be out and about on the roads just now are most likely to be directly involved in the response to coronavirus – including people travelling to and from work in hospitals, those who deliver food and other supplies, care workers and volunteers supporting people at home, and the emergency services. They are the people who are helping others in our communities to stay safe and well.

It’s therefore absolutely vital that everyone on essential business and who needs to use the road just now, is able to do so safely. Going out and about on non-essential business puts that at risk. It becomes even more of a threat to lives when people are speeding or driving dangerously.

Please do your bit to ensure that as a community we can respond together to this crisis. Don’t go out on the road if you don’t need to. If you’re in a position where you have no choice but to use the road, please be considerate and drive safely. Speeding and dangerous driving is always against the law, no matter the circumstances.