Brendan O’Hara – Question & Answers

Mull Broadcasting was set up to provide entertainment by local people for local people during the Covid 19 crisis. Thus far our programmes have been purely to entertain, but as restrictions of movement, trading and social distancing on our Islands starts to alter, many of us have questions about how these changes will impact upon us.
Mull Broadcasting contacted the SNP politician Brendan O’Hara, who is the elected Member of Parliament for the constituency of Argyll and Bute. Brendan is also the SNP Culture and Media spokesperson in the House of Commons. He is ideally placed to answer questions about the reopening of the Island and can inform us about measures instigated by both the UK and Scottish Governments concerning both Reserved and Devolved matters.
This is a chance for you to put your questions about the government’s response to Covid and about how the future easing of lockdown will affect you, your children, those shielding or your business and the economy of the Island. Please submit your questions for Brendan together with your name and location to us at