Buy & Sell Mull – Open with changes

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that Buy & Sell: Mull will not be closed down during COVID-19. I along with many others feel that it is essential to maintain as much normality as possible during this time!!

To help keep things as safe as possible the Mull Volunteer group have offered a collect and drop off service (provided items are sanitised upon leaving the ‘sellers’ property, items would then be stored safely for 72 hours before being sanitised again and delivered to the ‘buyer’). This is possibly to be a weekly thing as obviously the volunteers are busy with lots of other help at this time too.

NO CASH – People would have to PayPal the money to each other or bank transfer.

People are at home just now and may want to decorate their property, do some DIY or do some gardening. Maybe you have children and you are looking for books, craft projects etc. I don’t feel that anyone should be told they can’t do that, so if you’re buying or selling anything please do not hesitate to get in touch with the volunteer group for help with doing so.