CalMac Support for Customers with Urgent Medical Appointments

CalMac have introduced a new Urgent Medical Appointments Protocol to support island residents traveling to the mainland for medical appointments at short notice.

Customer Guidance

In the event customers find themselves having to travel for a medical appointment with seven days’ notice and are unable to book a vehicle, CalMac Customer Contact Centre will support them to ensure they can reach the NHS destination and return to the ferry.

If the requested sailing is full and there are no alternative sailings, customers will be advised to book as a foot passenger and transport will be arranged to take you to your appointment and back to the port.

Eligibility Checklist

  • Island residents (Customers)
  • Customers informed of appointment up to 7 days before the appointment date
  • Customers intending to travel with car
  • Customers traveling on bookable routes
  • Customers traveling to mainland NHS location

Process for Booking

Phone CalMac’s Customer Contact Centre on 0800 066 5000 who will assist.