Calmac Update 21 July

Following further discussions with Transport Scotland, we are pleased to update that from 22 July customers will be able to book travel within a rolling 7-week period.

Today, 21 July, bookings will still be open on a four-week basis, covering the period 22 July – 19 August 2020.

From 22 July, bookings will be open on a rolling 7-week period. For example

Date and timePeriod in which customers will be able to book travel online
22 July at 9am23 July – 8 September
23 July at 9am24 July – 9 September
24 July at 9am25 July – 10 September
25 July at 9am26 July – 11 September – and so on.

We will soon be able to open a further stage of bookings for the remainder of the season – up to 18 October. We will continue to update our customers when we have more information to share.

What this change means for our capacity

When our bookings reopen each day, there are customer reservations already in the system, which were made before our bookings closed earlier this year. This, together with the implementation of the latest physical distancing guidelines means we still have less capacity than we would have in ‘normal’ circumstances.

Changes to bookings

If we need to make changes to a reservation, we will contact you directly seven weeks before your sailing. We will only make amendments where we have to – based on capacity constraints.

Making a booking

We expect our telephones and website to be very busy on 22 July. Where possible, please book via our website at There may be short periods when the booking system will be slower than normal. While you wait, please refresh your browser regularly until the ‘buy tickets’ option is visible. We are grateful for your patience.

Changes to how you sail with CalMac

Finally, it’s crucial to remember that when you sail with us, you always follow safety advice – this helps us all work together to protect each other, the islands and the communities CalMac serves.

Some of our familiar processes have changed. Take a look at our guide on how to prepare and plan ahead for your journey with us – which includes wearing a face covering when travelling with us, and when in our port offices, unless exempt.

Stay up to date with the latest travel advice and guidance via our regularly updated FAQs.