Changes to Travel Restrictions

Arrivals from France to Scotland will no longer need to quarantine if they are fully vaccinated under the latest review of travel restrictions.

The step to realign France with the rest of the EU is possible due to a reported fall in the country’s Beta variant case rate. The latest review of international travel regulations has also moved India from the red travel list to amber.

Spain remains on the amber list but travellers are advised to be cautious as investigations continue into a new variant originating in South America and now present in Spain.

It is recommended passengers choose a PCR test prior to departure from Spain, rather than other available tests such as lateral flow, to give greatest assurance before travelling. The latest changes come into effect at 4am on Sunday (8 August).

Amber to Green:
Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Romania, Norway.

Amber to Red:
Georgia, Mayotte, Mexico, Réunion.

Red to Amber:
India, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain.

The cost of managed isolation has increased to £2,285 for a first adult and £1,430 for a second adult in a room. The price for children remains at £325.