Check in Scotland

The Check in Scotland app has been developed by NHS Scotland as part of Test & Protect.

Now that restrictions are being lifted, it will help people check in quickly and enable businesses to crack on while meeting legal requirements.

Comment: I had to double-check that this app was in use because it has not seen widespread publicity or been frequently downloaded.

For Daily Use

The Check In Scotland app is available for free in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play store. It’s a simple install and clearly explained. Fill in your contact details, scan in the QR code by pointing your phone’s camera at it and you are done.

It makes checking in, simple and easy …

For Businesses
Check In Scotland is a way to collect the contact details of people who visit a wide range of businesses and venues in Scotland. It’s designed to work with NHS Scotland’s Test and Protect.

If you own or manage a pub, bar, restaurant or cafe, you must collect and record the details of customers, staff and anyone else who visits your venue.

This includes pubs, bars, restaurants or cafes that may be part of another business, such as a hotel, visitor attraction or club. It is requested that owners or managers of other businesses and services to collect and record the details of visitors.

One way of making sure you collect people’s details is by displaying a Check In Scotland QR code poster at your venue, and asking anyone who visits to scan this QR code when they arrive.

It’s free to create your Check In Scotland QR code poster and you can display it on posters at your venue. It should only take around 5 minutes to fill in your details and create your QR code poster.

We would welcome any experiences using this app because it appears that it has not been widely adopted. Please contact