Childcare & Schools

The Scottish Government has confirmed that pupils in Scotland will return to school from 11 August. Some schools may have a phased return but it is expected that all pupils will be at school full-time from 18 August at the latest.

The Scottish Government has agreed guidance to support the safe return of schools. It is reported that it will say –

  • in general, physical distancing be tween pupils will not be required while on the school estate
  • however distance should be maintained between pupils in secondary schools where possible
  • distancing should also be maintained between staff members, and between staff and pupils
  • it sets out the risk mitigation measures that must be introduced in all educational settings.
  • these include ventilation, good hygiene practices, and improved cleaning regimes

The first minister added: “It is vital for the safe re-opening of schools that these measure are applied rigorously in all settings.”

The first minister also details further public health measures to make schools safer:

  • These include Test and Protect
  • Fast access to testing for any symptomatic staff and pupils
  • An enhanced surveillance programme in schools

Revised Guidance – Issued 30 July

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