Childminder services guidance

On 10 July Scotland entered Phase 3 of the route map for recovery from COVID-19. As part of Phase 3, restrictions on childminders are changing compared to those introduced during Phase 1.

From 15 July 2020, childminders who wish to deliver their service can do so in line with their usual operating model. There is no restriction to the number of households that childminders can care for. The maximum number of children to be cared for at any one time must be no more than those detailed on the certificate of registration and includes children of the childminder’s own family.

Childminders can use their discretion to allocate places to families, based on their usual operating model.

When large childminding services are caring for more than eight children at any one time, children must be cared for in cohorts of up to eight children. Each cohort of children must physically distance from other cohorts. This may mean that your capacity to care for your usual number of children may be reduced.

Childminders must continue to follow public health advice. A risk assessment must be carried out before reopening, giving consideration to this guidance.

To reduce indirect transmission, enhanced cleaning and hygiene measures must remain in place.

Physical distancing will not be expected between children, but measures must be put into place to limit additional parents or carers entering the childminding setting and to maintain physical distancing when adults may interact, for example at pick up and drop off times, or if the childminder employs an assistant that is not a member of their household.

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