Construction industry – Update 11 June

This document is one of a set of documents about how to work safely in different types of workplace. This guidance is intended for use by the construction sector. It first came into effect on 6 April 2020 and extends until further notice. Companies should consider their operations in light of this guidance.

This guide is underpinned by a spirit of collaborative working between companies and their workforce. Throughout, the term companies and trade union or workforce representatives is used in that context, recognising that companies have a legal responsibility to maintain workplace health and safety and must consult with the health and safety representative selected by a recognised trade union or, if there is not one, a representative chosen by workers. Companies cannot decide who the workforce representative will be.

In line with the joint position published by the Scottish Government and the relevant Health and Safety enforcement authorities, it is essential that employers carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment. These should be developed where possible together with union health and safety representatives. For workplaces without union representation, union health and safety representatives will be available upon request to support the development of workplace risk assessments.

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