Covid-19 and Royal Mail

With more and more Mull residents at home through the day, myself and my fellow posties have noticed an increasing number of people coming to meet us at the van to collect the post from us. At any other time this would have been considered very helpful however it is now extremely risky for both you and us.

We are on the front line, visiting multiple houses per day delivering essential food, medicines and other supplies, without knowing if we are visiting infected houses or not. We have not been provided with PPE or cleaning supplies so we are doing our best to help each other to stay safe, using our own supplies of hand sanitizers and cleaning products. Each of us have our own families to go home to who also need to be kept safe so we are taking every precaution we can to make sure we’re not taking anything back to them – personally I have my wife, son and mother-in-law all at home with me and all three can be considered high risk due to underlying medical conditions. I cant keep them safe without your help.

Us posties are proud to be considered “key workers”, and we will continue to deliver for as long as we are able/allowed. Please, help us to help you by providing a safe place for us to drop off your mail. Remember – if we need to see you we will knock on your door and then we will step back to a safe distance. Otherwise we ask you to stay away and stay safe.