Easing Lockdown – Clarification

Nicola Sturgeon has said people will be able to travel longer distances to see their parents or children as long as they do not go indoors, as she clarified the new Scottish lockdown rules coming into force later next week.

The first minister told Friday’s daily coronavirus media briefing the updated guidelines, which come into force on 28 May in Scotland, did not mean family members were barred from travelling more than five miles from home to meet close family. Even that five miles limit was “a guide” she said.
Nicola Sturgeon urged Scots to “exercise good judgement” about where they travelled and who they met, but insisted that meeting people – including parents – outwith their immediate household could only happen outdoors.

She said people should avoid popping into their parents’ home to use the toilet after a long drive. “You risk leaving the virus on surfaces inside the house, and that’s a risk we don’t want you to take,” she said.
Nicola Sturgeon cautioned that the looser lockdown rules would not be in force this bank holiday weekend, and urged people not to flood to beaches, parks and beauty spots. “You have all been magnificent so far but please stick with it for the next few days, so we can begin the journey back to normality,” she said.

Report of First Minister’s briefing 22 May, The Guardian.