Exiting Lockdown?

The MCM group have been asked to give their thoughts on Lock-down.

This is such an important but difficult question. When and how to exit a lock-down is being wrestled with by virtually every community and country at this time. There are no easy answers. From Mull’s point of view it’s highly probable that the Scottish Government will make a firm decision for all the Islands. However we may be given a choice of options or we may be asked to try a particular course of action. In any of these cases our group will make sure all relevant bodies are consulted and the facts and implications of each choice are known to our Community. In the event of such an important decision the Community will be asked, through all possible channels of communication, how we should decide what to do.

As an advisory group on the the safety and well-being our Community, the Mull Crisis Management group were very reassured by the recently released “Framework for Decision Making” by the Scottish Government. This was an honest and open statement that encouraged people on Islands to feel included but distinctive, while supporting opportunities for innovative thinking.

To date no clear course of direction has been given by Government but this will be circulated as soon information is received.The overwhelming feeling in our group is that Scotland’s Island communities have their own very special set of concerns which need careful consideration.

Please be assured that the group is giving the best factual and unbiased information we possibly can to many local organisations through our membership and including weekly reports to the Mull Community Council.

Hopefully we all hear more very soon.