Face Masks Update 14 April

Face Masks update;
With help from Dawn Read, Diana Guthrie-James and Brian Swinbanks we now have a design for home made face masks.
There are about 30 volunteers across Mull and Iona making face masks and they are certainly proving to be a very dedicated and committed team.
Donations of fabric and ribbon have been great. West Coast Motors buses have been transporting resources to and from the makers. Thanks to Sophie at The Isle of Mull soap shop for donating ribbon. Any more donations of fabric or ribbon will be very welcome.
Brian Swinbanks has been busy cutting the wire for the nose strips and this has been transported round the island on the buses.
Dawn has been creating videos to help the makers.
We are aiming for at least 150 face masks and are well on our way to that total.
Thanks to Tricia Evans for helping coordinate all this creativity!