First Minister’s Statement 27 August

The number of cases in Scotland 6,835 positive cases in the last 24 hours. [Up 1,910]

479 people are in Hospital with Covid-19 [Up 53]. The number of people in Hospital has risen by 50% in one week.

47 people are in ICU with newly diagnosed Covid-19 [Same]

1/3 of cases are in people who have been vaccinated. The vaccination though is working and people are getting far less ill and fewer are dying.

There is misleading coverage in the media that a circuit breaker lockdown is being considered – it is not.

The First Minister urged businesses to ‘comply fully’ with Covid measures

The First Minster emphasised the three things that we can do –

  • Please get vaccinated. It is the most important thing you can do.
  • Test yourself regularly. The sooner it is diagnosed, the quicker you get treatment and the fewer people you will have contact with when infectious.
  • Follow the guidelines. We need to tighten up.

When you follow the guidelines you protect yourself, your family and the NHS.