From 14 August – Collecting contact details manadatory for Hospitality Businesses

From Friday 14 August, it will be mandatory for hospitality businesses to collect customer details.

Scottish Government News report

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister, also said there would be new new statutory guidance to ensure compliance with other public health measures.

Nicola Sturgeon said indoor hospitality should already be doing the following:

  • Premises should be collecting and keeping contact details.
  • Wherever possible, people should pre-book tables in advance.
  • There should be no queuing.
  • People should be seated, with table service.
  • Customers should not be standing together to watch football, dancing, or queuing at the bar.
  • There should be no queuing outside either.
  • If it is unavoidable for any reason, those in queues should be physically distanced.
  • And there should be no background music – or volume from the TV.

Source: BBC News