How we can best stop Covid-19 on Mull

We all have an amazing Community on Mull. After 2 months of preparation many people are now working together to protect the lives of our 3000 strong population and any friends, family or residential visitors.

Our Island has established a Covid-19 Mull Crisis Management (MCM) group. The group is multi organisational with flexible responsibilities as follows:-

Mull Community Council
Our elected voice of the Community. Making sure each area of Mull has Care Cover

Mull and Iona Community Trust
In charge of raising an Island War Chest to cover crisis expenses

Tobermory Harbour Association
Our community Harbour Authority responsible for protecting essential marine transport & medical
emergencies. Also supplying information on business support

Argyll and Bute Council
The voice of our Regional Council

Covid-19 Crisis Preparation group
Set-up at the Island Emergency Covid-19 meeting Information website

Find us on Facebook @mullhealth

However this is only a small fraction of the story. There has been established Island wide groups of volunteers. Their work provides essential services such as, food and supply deliveries, dog walking, Mull’s own Chatty Person Line, distribution stores and much more. The contact details of these life-line voluntary community services and others are available on the website. For any gaps in Community Care Cover please email an address at the bottom of the site.

The Island has in place a Mull Medical Home Guard ready to be activated for day to day medical issues (not Covid-19) in the remote chance that our front line services are not available or are overstretched.

The best advice on financial matters is on the Financial Page of the website.

We have an island “War Chest”. This is to cover the expenses of our amazing 200 plus volunteers, some of whom have lost their jobs, or to purchase essential equipment. If you are in a fortunate position to have some additional money please donate our two crowd funding pages.

These funds will be used for no other purpose than supporting activities during this crisis. If, by chance any funds are left, it will be put aside for the future or go towards something to remember this time in our lives.