Introducing Mull TV

In these difficult times, it is good to announce something new. Introducing Mull TV.
Mull TV will be a web site which we aim to fill with locally created or based content. It could be video clips of our local choirs, lessons in Gaelic, livestreams of Mull RFC or interviews with visiting artists. It could be a virtual tours of an art show or perhaps a live Good Morning Mull show, from a podcast to the local Mod, from a DIY project to how to start making a sculpture. It will be open to all, whether you are a local group, a performing musician, artist or arts organisation. And it will be what we make it.
From the start of this Crisis, the Mull Crisis Management Group has realised that we will need to build something positive from this terrible time. Something that will help celebrate the life, culture and creativity of the island, now and for the future.
MullTV will not be commercial and will be ‘owned’ and run on behalf of the whole of Mull & Iona.
What if it fails? What if no one likes it? It’s a web site, we’ll survive, we’ll get over it. And we’ll get up and do it better.
A digest of the proposal and all the steps needed with indicative costs has been prepared and put forward for funding. The domains have been registered. Broad outlines have been worked out on how it can run, the technicals worked through.
It will be OurTube not YouTube. The site will be open to all ages – content will be checked before publishing though to make sure it is appropriate.
We are now looking for expressions of interest from two groups.
First. We will need a technical group to build and maintain the platform. The aim is to do something swiftly and then respond to the needs of the creative group. We’ve got the skills here, now.
Secondly we would love to hear from all groups, organisations and individuals who would be interested in making this happen, supplying content or being involved.
Thank you to all I have spoken to so far. I apologise for not keeping you better informed on progress – there has been a lot going on. And if I have not spoken to you before it is simply that I have not had the opportunity. I needed to get the ideas down and into a practical form.
To express your interest, offer your help, or to say you’ve got something for us to publish, Contact
I’ll be sending out a brief technical document for those who would like to help build the site and an introductory overview for everyone interested in creating content or having their content on the platform. I’ll send them out early next week.