Introduction to the MCM Group

In late January there was an awareness on Mull that a potential viral health problem was developing. This was chatted about in an informal way. In February concern was increasingand the local feeling that possible preparations needed to be made growing. During February advice was sought to better understand Covid-19 threat. At the beginning of March the Covid-19 Crisis Preparation group was formed.

It was decided to establish a local information presence. Facebook was suggested but response to this was a disaster with information buried in opinions. On the basis of this the group established a web presence. This has been an outstanding success with over 40,000 page visits and views from many countries in the world.

On the 20th March the Mull Crisis Management group was establish representing Community organisations on Mull and including the crisis preparation group. Our local front-line services are copied into correspondence and are in consultation with MCM group.

On Thursday 26th March, with the support of our MSP and various other organisations MCM group decided to close the Island to visitors. This decision was then given full Government support. In the following weeks the MCM group working with amazing local volunteers have organised a comprehensive Island wide management structure.

Throughout the crisis the response and willingness of the people of Mull to work together in the crisis has been an outstanding community effort.

Mull Crisis Management group
(in alphabetical order of first name)
Andrena Duffin, Chair of Mull Community Council
Mary-Jean Devon, Elected member for Argyll and Bute Council with responsibility for 7 Islands
Susan Wood, Crisis Preparation Group, Background in Public Health
Billy McClymont, Mull Community Council, Funeral Director Mull Funeral Services and Business
Brian Swinbanks, Chair Tobermory Harbour Authority, Industrial Designer and Business
Duncan Swinbanks, Crisis Preparation Group, Business
Iain Campbell, Mull Community Council, retired Detective Chief Superintendent Strathclyde Police
Mark Strevens, Co-opted, Web Services.
Richard Payne, Crisis Preparation Group, background in Biology
Steve Douglas, Crisis Preparation Group, 35+ years in global Pharma Medical and safety research including epidemiological methodologies.
Vic Linnemann, Co-opted, retired Mull GP

Updated: 10 March 2020

The Mull Crisis Management Group
The Mull Crisis Management Group