Marketing Mull and Iona – A message to our visitors

Many visitors are seeking clarity as to whether they should come to Mull and Iona at this time. These are the most challenging times most will face within the tourism industry on these islands.

Island tourism business owners are trying to make decisions in rapidly evolving circumstances. Official advice is being regularly updated.

On the 16th of March recommendations from health professionals and government changed to advise against all non-essential travel. All are to take care of our social distance, with those over 70 or in risk groups taking more explicit isolation measures. Those with symptoms are to self-isolate variously for 7 or 14 days depending on household circumstance. This advice covers our islands as much as it does everywhere else.

In these circumstances, everyone must consider whether taking a holiday falls within the ‘essential travel’ category.

Many in Mull and Iona have already made the difficult choice to either close their business or to delay opening for the season in order to protect themselves, their staff and the vulnerable more generally. It seems inevitable that more will come to this conclusion in the near future.

For those with bookings for accommodation, attractions, trips etc you may wish to consider whether to reschedule your booking to later this year or even for next year – that way your provider might have a better chance of surviving the unprecedented drop in income and cash flow that they are facing. You should get in touch with the individual businesses to discuss.

It seems almost certain that government-imposed restrictions will take such difficult decisions from our own hands in the near future and it would be sensible to be preparing for this eventuality now.

These are uncertain times for all, but this horrible pandemic will end. When it does, and let’s all do our bit to end it as soon as possible, we on the Islands of Mull and Iona will welcome with open arms those who choose to visit us.

Visit Mull and Iona social media channels will continue to operate, focussing on the beauty and diversity of our islands – hopefully helping to provide a little light relief for those missing Mull and Iona during these uncertain times. In the mean-time, we hope everyone stays safe.
Marketing Mull and Iona