A message to all travellers to and from Mull

People travelling to and from Mull have a responsibility to follow all government advice intended to slow the spread of Covid-19.

At the time of writing, non-essential travel is not advised.

It is clear that most personal and recreational travel is not essential.

As representatives of the Mull communities, we are asking everyone – both resident and visitors – to please consider carefully whether any planned travel is truly essential. We all have a duty to ourselves, our families and our communities to do our utmost to lessen the lives lost as a result of the current pandemic.

To island residents travelling to the mainland – please only travel if your purpose is truly essential.

Follow all guidance on personal hygiene and social distancing at all times. Do everything you can to minimise the risk of transporting the virus in any direction – do not assume it is not on the island, just because the reported cases are few. You must be as vigilant on the island as you are off it. Your travel to the mainland is as much of a risk to mainlanders as it is to islanders.

To visitors to Mull – Please only come if your visit is essential. Whilst here, we ask you to please follow personal hygiene and social distancing rules rigorously. Please respect any procedures in shops, accommodation and other places. We are a small community with many elderly and vulnerable residents, and modest healthcare facilities. We must ask you to follow the wellestablished government guidance whilst you travel to and around our islands.

These are extraordinary times, and they require an extraordinary response.

On behalf of everyone who is frightened or vulnerable, and on behalf of the frontline workers who have to deal with the consequences, please think hard before you travel.

We look forward to normality returning as soon as possible.

Mull Community Council

Some island residents and tourist visitors remain unsure about what constitutes ‘essential travel’. We need to reinforce the message both locally, and with visitors to the island.

This notice has been sent to CalMac, and they have been asked to display it on board and in port offices. They have also been asked to distribute it to their tour operator customers on our behalf.