Mull and Iona Community Hospital (MICH) Update

After reading several pieces on here I thought I had better let you know how Mull and Iona Community Hospital (MICH) is dealing with Covid-19.

We are well prepared. If you don’t want to read a long post, then that’ll do you.

We have a good supply of PPE and Oxygen (51 big cylinders and 5 compressor units, if you are asking). There is a crack team that works at the hospital who are all up to date with the latest information regarding care of the patient with the virus. Testing is regularly taking place, but we are currently only testing those with symptoms. If someone has symptoms and needs further investigation we have a red (covid-19) pathway to allow face to face assessment. People will drive to our back door and we will assess / test in the car if appropriate. The staff will be in PPE and the patient will be given a face mask to wear. If someone needs more than this, we will bring them into one of our rooms set aside just for covid-19 assessments.

The back door is used so that we can keep the Accident and Emergency room as a green (covid free) pathway to ensure we can carry on treating all Accidents and Emergencies. During this unusual time, we will operate a safe A&E that will be separate from the area that houses patients who may have the virus. Our fabulous colleagues in the Ambulance service have been in and informed and approved the process.

Alongside this we have plans in place to expand the hospital if we need more beds. I am hopeful this will not be necessary but if it is, we are prepared.

We will move the A&E department to the Physio Gym. This will mean we can turn the big A&E room into a ward. It will also mean that the A&E can carry on functioning if anyone on the island needs it. This increase in demand will mean we need more staff and our wonderful community nurse colleagues have volunteered to join us. They have already been orientated to the hospital and are fully prepared to step in when needed. We have also redeployed staff from the dentist surgery and our colleagues in occupational therapy and physiotherapy if needed.

Talking as we were about the community, please raise a glass to both the community nurses and carers who are doing excellent work in these strange times. They are going into people’s houses and caring for patients not knowing who else is there, who’s been in visiting etc. Please make sure they all remain safe by keeping your distance and let them do their business. Last, but not least, are Bowman court and Glen Iosal – the carers there are also on the top of their game and keeping some of our most vulnerable islanders safe. These teams are doing great work and their contribution to the healthcare on Mull is massive.

All in all, as a health community we are doing well, but we do need to stick to social distancing, hand washing etc if we are to keep this virus at bay. Thank you for caring enough to read to the end and to quote Hill Street Blues, ‘let’s be careful out there’.