Mull Sportive – Cancelled

Unfortunately we have no option but to cancel this year’s Mull Sportive.
Even if the ‘lockdown’ issued yesterday was lifted before the event, it is certain that gatherings of this size will remain limited for some time. Added to that, Scottish ferries are now closed to all except essential traffic, and no new bookings are being accepted for dates prior to July 16th.
We also have to think of our particular island circumstances – health facilities here are very limited. We don’t want to be responsible for introducing the virus here, nor putting un-necessary strain on our front-line carers with the event first-aid cover.

You have three options:
1. Defer to the 2021 Event (6 June 2021)
2. Cancel and donate all monies to our good causes (A 50/50 split between a local Covoid 19 ‘fighting fund’ and the rebuild of the local Scout hall)
3. Cancel and receive a refund less booking fee. SiEntries has waived their usual refund fee for this event.

If you want to defer to the 2021 event then you need do nothing. If you would instead like to request one of the other options, please log in to SiEntries to amend your entry. Instructions and a link for doing this has been emailed to all entrants.

Refunds will be made to the credit/debit card used to pay for the entry within four weeks of the deadline below. If someone else made your entry then they will need to edit your entry to make this selection.
Please make your selection by the end of Sunday 5th April. If you do not edit your entry by then, you will by default be entered in the 2021 event.

A note if you have booked accommodation and now need to cancel – our local accommodation providers are under a lot of pressure right now, dealing with the hundreds of cancellations that are coming in. If you have difficulty getting a response, please bear with them. They will be dealing with the most imminent cancellations first. Please also check your travel insurance first to recover accommodation costs – although you may have a pandemic exclusion, you may be able to claim on the grounds that ferry travel is now prohibited and of course because the event itself is cancelled.

Keep safe. Look after yourself and those around you. Go for bike rides (on your own!) and let’s look forward next year.
All the best,
The Mull Sportive Team.