News Update 30 July


A Scottish government assessment confirms that pupils will return to school full time from 11 August

The length of time people with coronavirus symptoms will have to self-isolate increases from seven to 10 days

Gyms, swimming pools and soft play centres will not open in Scotland until 14 September

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minster, 30 July “The fact is if we are not very careful now, then in two or three weeks’ time we could easily be facing here in Scotland some of the issues we are currently hearing about in the news from around the world.”

3 August

  • Routine eye care services, including regular eye examinations, can now be carried out in community optometry premises, and if necessary in people’s homes
  • Counselling services such as drug and alcohol support groups will be able to provide essential services, following relevant guidance and with physical distancing.
  • Sports coaches will be able to meet with groups of more than four households at a time. We will also confirm when they can work with larger groups.

17 August

  • A wide range of dental care can resume – in particular, aerosol procedures, which create a fine mist through use of a high-speed drill – if they are necessary for urgent dental care

24 August

  • Live events such as concerts and comedy will be allowed outdoors – with physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and restricted numbers.
  • Organised outdoor contact sports will resume for people of all ages.
  • Some other indoor facilities, such as bingo halls and similar venues mentioned in the route map can re-open with physical distancing.
    Funfairs and travelling funfairs can reopen from 24 August.
  • Driving lessons will resume from that day too.

14 September

  • Non-essential offices and call centres should expect to remain closed until at least 14 September, and possibly later.
  • Sports stadia will be able to reopen for limited numbers of spectators, with physical distancing in place.
  • Some professional sports events may be arranged for spectators before then – with Scottish government agreement
  • Indoor sports courts for some activities can re-open, with physical distancing in place. Indoor classes for children will be considered from an earlier date.
  • Indoor soft play facilities will also reopen.

Further details will be added and downloads added when available