Online portal for Personal Assistants to claim ‘Thank you Payment’

A special online portal has been launched for more than 10,000 Personal Assistants across Scotland to ensure they receive a £500 thank-you payment.

The Personal Assistant workforce are employed directly by disabled people, for whom they provide vital support to enable them to live independently. They are the last remaining group to receive the bonus payment for health and social care workers which was announced in November 2020.

The portal launched today will provide the most effective, streamlined way to reach these workers. A paper based application form is also available for those who prefer it. They will be administered by Scotland Excel on behalf of the Scottish Government. A dedicated helpline has been set up to support applicants.

As with other health and social care workers, Personal Assistants will receive a pro rata payment of up to a maximum of £500, depending on the number of hours they work in an average week.