Parents question safety of Tobermory High School

Mull Community Council has written to the Argyll and Bute Education Service about concerns expressed by parents of current and future pupils at Tobermory High School.

Parents were sent a proposal to align timetables between Tobermory High School and Oban High in August. With only a week to respond. But there was no detail to explain how the proposal would benefit youngsters. Which additional subjects would be offered? How would these subjects be taught to senior pupils? Parents want to know why this hurried decision is being made for the trio of Tobermory, Tiree and Oban High Schools when they understand other Argyll and Bute schools are taking time to look into the pros and cons of aligned timetables.

Tobermory High parents are also concerned about the possible implications for staffing at the school. An Acting Headteacher is in post but parents do not have a date for the recruitment of a permanent Headteacher. In recent years, secondary subject teachers have been recruited on only temporary appointments.

Another letter, a week later, informed parents that four Salen Primary classes would “decant” to Tobermory High School in August, while extensive building work is carried out on the Salen building. A special email address has been made available for parents’ questions. Salen and Tobermory parents met with Education Service officials this week to discuss the decant in more detail. Tobermory parents have been told that “Pupils from Salen Primary will have their own classrooms within the Tobermory 3-18 building.” But they already worry about how far the Tobermory building is fit for purpose with its current school population. The Community Council meeting was shown a film made three years ago by senior pupils, highlighting concerns about their school building. These concerns were rejected by Argyll and Bute Council.

Local parents have the full support of Mull Community Council. It has asked the Education Service to provide detailed information and engage with parents’ concerns.

Contact: Tracy Mayo 01688 400 480

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