Phase 2 Changes

People using trains, taxis, buses and ferries in Scotland will be required to wear face coverings from Monday 22 June but churches, dental surgeries and professional sports will have to wait one week more before they can resume.

Shops with access from the street, factories, outdoor sports and outdoor markets will be allowed to reopen from Monday 29 June, provided they put strict physical-distancing measures in place. Places of worship would reopen for “individual prayer only, not communal worship”.

People living alone could form “extended households” with their partners or another household from Friday, with people allowed to stay overnight and live without any social-distancing; until now, even close relatives were expected to meet outdoors and keep two metres apart.

Face coverings on all public transport would be mandatory. Ministers were also consulting the Scottish government’s scientific advisers on whether face-coverings would be required in shops once they reopen from 29 June.

Marriages and civil partnership ceremonies could also resume from that date but only outdoors, while playgrounds and zoos could also reopen, but only for people living in the surrounding area.

Shielding people, who have been ordered to stay at home and avoid contact with non-family members, should be able to leave home from Friday and to start non-contact sports.

People are urged not to travel further than five miles from home, unless seeing close family. Face coverings on all public transport would be mandatory.

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