Police given powers to break up large houseparties

Police Scotland granted powers to break up large house parties.

Restrictions on social gatherings will come into force from tomorrow (Friday 28 August) making it an offence to breach coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance by having a large house party indoors.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon made it clear that the move, which will be reviewed every three weeks, was necessary to ensure socialising can continue in a safe and responsible manner ahead of an expected rise in indoor gatherings during autumn and winter months.

Reports from local outbreak Incident Management Teams suggest that the increasing number of house parties taking place against guidance pose a major risk of COVID-19 transmission and could present high-risk ‘super-spreader’ environments.

Taking responsible action now can help protect families, communities, schools and local businesses from having to return to the stricter lockdown measures necessary to contain any virus outbreak.

Source: Scottish Government