Preparing for Brexit

The trading relationship between the United Kingdom and the rest of the EU changed when the UK voted to leave the EU. As a result, the UK’s participation in the Single Market and Customs Union will also come to an end along with the free movement of persons, goods and services between the UK and the rest of the EU from 31 December 2020.

The possibility of a no deal Brexit means that UK businesses must ensure they do not lose out as a result of these changes. Economic prosperity and growth remain important aims and familiarity with new processes and actions will now help to drive business success.

This checklist aims to assist in the understanding of the changes affecting Scotland’s businesses and will act as a guide to continuing the already strong relationship with valued European partners. The checklist is not exhaustive but captures the most relevant changes in international trade.

Preparing for change

Businesses should act now to identify what the shifts mean for their operations before making the changes to systems, processes, staffing and potentially business models. Time is short.

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