We are all pleased that the 2021 Beatson's Building Supplies Mull Rally can go ahead, even though this horrible virus is still present and affecting people. We have made some changes to enable the event to go ahead, which we would like to highlight and request your understanding:

All road closure information is contained in the "Residents' Information" document, copies of which have been distributed to all affected properties. It is also on the Mull Rally website.

Digital - we have moved most of the rally management on-line and paperless, to minimise the person-to-person contacts.

Media - there will be significant on-line live media coverage, details will be published nearer the event.

All locations - we would request that you observe social distancing, use hand sanitizer and wear masks if possible (and where legally required).

Covid Testing - we are asking all "rally people" to undertake Lateral Flow Tests before they come to Mull, and to stay away from the island if they test positive or are symptomatic.

People - we have requested rally teams to minimise the number of people they bring and provide their details. We have relocated rally management / HQ / control to larger premises away from Ledaig and all will follow social distancing, masks, hand santizer, "Check In Scotland" app tracking, etc. Rally HQ is not accessible to anyone other than those that are working there.

Scrutineering & Documentation - these have been relocated away from the Distillery/ Ledaig area and there is no public access at the new venues. Please do not try to view these, you will be turned away.

Shakedown @ Duart - this will start earlier than before and last longer, spectators should be in place by 7.30am on Friday morning.

Start @ Ledaig Car Park on Friday - this is a little later than before, first car away at 7.30pm on Friday. There will be QR codes to check in, using the "Check In Scotland" app.

Spectator areas - the main spectator area will again be at Glengorm Crossroads on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Saturday late night (with a big screen for the first two).

There will be QR codes to check in, using the "Check In Scotland" app.
Service areas - we would request that non-essential personnel do not access the service area, and if you have to - please wear a mask and observe social distancing. There will be QR codes to check in, using the "Check In Scotland" app.

Restart @ Salen Hotel on Saturday night - again a little later, with first car away at 9.30pm.

Parade & Prizegiving - this will still take place on Sunday afternoon leaving the Aros Hall at 2.45pm and heading to Ledaig, even if it rains.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Original post by Mull Rally Organisers