Ross of Mull and Iona Community Transport Scheme

Community transport will deliver prescriptions and shopping on request for anyone, throughout SW Mull, during the C19 crisis.

Everybody is officially required to stay at home unless we have good reason to be out and about, so the Ross of Mull and Iona Community Transport Scheme will not provide journeys for people until further notice.
Instead, volunteer drivers are meeting requests for delivery of prescriptions and groceries from local shops.
We aim to provide this service without cost to beneficiaries through special crisis funding available to cover costs of volunteer drivers.
If you need anything delivered please give Terry Hegarty a call on 700600.
Thanks to additional volunteers coming forward, we are confident of capacity to meet everybody’s needs.
We are offering weekly delivery runs from local shops to the doors of anyone who makes arrangements for orders from:
• The Bunessan SPAR shop (700395) for deliveries on Friday afternoons from 27th March
• The Ferry Shop (700470) for deliveries on Tuesday afternoons from 31st March
• The Pennyghael Stores (704229) for deliveries on Wednesday afternoons from 1st April.
We’ll also deliver prescriptions, combining delivery runs with grocery deliveries when practicable, but sooner if required. If more frequent deliveries are requested, we will aim to meet them efficiently.

NB: To minimise risks of infection, please do not expect volunteer drivers to come closer than 2 metres, or to enter homes, handle money or receive donations. Everybody concerned should wash their hands both before and after handling deliveries. Otherwise:
Please help everyone to stay safe by staying home.

For further information or delivery requests, please contact:
Coordinator Terry Hegarty on (01681) 700600
or by email:
The Ross of Mull & Iona Community Transport Scheme is a Charity: SC043302