Scotland’s Framework for making decisions

Scotland must adjust to “new normal” of living with Covid-19, which may include cycling in and out of strict lockdown at short notice, according to a document just published by the Scottish government, which sets out its framework for progressing beyond the current lockdown restrictions.

The 26-page document (pdf) summarises the Scottish government’s approach as follows:

Suppress the virus through compliance with physical distancing and hygiene measures, ensuring that the reproduction number remains below 1 and that the NHS remains within capacity.

Care for those who need it, whether infected by the virus or not.

Support people, business and organisations affected by the crisis.

Recover to a new normal, carefully easing restrictions when safe to do so while maintaining necessary measures and ensuring that transmission remains controlled, supported by developments in medicine and technology.

Protect against this and future pandemics, including through effective testing, contact tracing and isolation.

Renew the country, building a fairer and more sustainable economy and society.

It warns the public to expect a cycle of lifting and re-imposing restrictions, with the possibility of restrictions being re-imposed quickly if transmission suddenly escalates; talks about the urgent need to redesign workplaces and education settings to allow for proper social distancing; the need for “unprecedented levels of support and compliance from the whole population”.

It also concludes that now is not the right time to relax restrictions, but that over the next few weeks, based on the evidence and expert advice, options will be considered that include the easing of restrictions in a phased manner, for example easing restrictions on some outdoor activity before those on indoor activities, as well as tailoring options to specific geographies and sectors, or parts of the rural economy, or those able to work outdoors.

Download the Decision Making Framework here

Source: Guardian Live/ Libby Brooks