Shopping scheme update 13th May

Thank you to the Coop for doing an amazing job getting back on track this week, and thank you to the shopping volunteers who are being fantastic as ever: we really wouldn’t have a scheme without them.

To help the volunteers as they shop, please, if possible,

  • organise your lists into sections – similar items together (meat / fish / bread etc), or, if you can remember the layout of the shop, even better!

Weekly shops

  • We are encouraging weekly shops, but please, only request what you need for the week, to allow the Co-op to keep up with demand. The volunteers are shopping on their own, and have to carry your shopping to the car.
  • Where the shop is very large, Sarah Smith will ask for money up front to cover the cost of some of your shop. If your shop is less than the amount asked for, you will, of course, be reimbursed.