Temporary Cancellation – EWEN’S Room Weekly Open Doors


We have decided very reluctantly to put a hold on Ewen’s Room face to face meetings, including the Open Doors sessions, with immediate effect.

We have taken this step in light of the advice and information being given by our own and other national governments about measures to be taken to minimise the risks associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, given that many of our service users are in the most ‘at risk’ group.

I know that not having the weekly get togethers will be a disappointment, but hope that people will still keep in touch with one another through visiting at home or by phone and social media. Remember that our Helpline is there every evening and during weekend afternoons if you want a chat – it’s there as a ‘friend’ calling service, as well as for times of particular worry or crisis. The Freephone number is: 0800 689 3317

To help people keep in touch with one another, we are in the process of putting together a list of contact details for everyone associated with Ewen’s Room. Please let us know if you wish your contact details to be made available in this way.