The Route Map out of Restrictions

The route map has been announced by the First Minister. Dates are indicative and not set in stone and the progressive easing is being done in three week blocks.

22 February

  • The first step in the route map came with the partial reopening of schools yesterday.
  • Restrictions on care home visiting will start to ease from early March.

15 March

  • Next phase of school return – with the rest of primary school years going back, and getting more senior secondary school pupils into class for at least some of the time.
  • Non-contact outdoors sport should be allowed for 12 to 17-year-olds.
  • The limit on outdoor mixing will be relaxed, so that four people from two households can meet – not just two people from two households, as now.

5 April

  • The rest of pupils could go back.
  • Communal worship could be allowed to start.
  • The rules on outdoor mixing could be further relaxed, so that six people from two households can meet.
  • Retail will start to open up with the extension of essential retail being expanded.
  • The restrictions on click and collect could be lifted.

26 April

  • It is hoped that all of Scotland might move to level 3 restrictions, although possibly with some changes.

The revised strategic has been published and is available to view here

We will correct errors and add details as available.