Tourism and hospitality sector guidance

The Scottish Government has published new guidance for the tourism and hospitality sector, including procedures for staff and customer safety and an operations checklist.

This guidance is for the tourism and hospitality sector in Scotland. It comes into effect immediately – from 18 June 2020 – and extends until further notice. It will be reviewed in line with the regular three-weekly review of lockdown requirements.

We have worked with industry and trade unions to ensure that this guidance is evidence-based, fair and ethical, clear and realistic. We welcome the extensive work that organisations, trade bodies, industry groups and individual businesses have already undertaken. This work enables them to plan ahead for safe workplaces through practical measures and draft guidelines aimed at ensuring the safety of staff, customers and the public is at the centre of operational plans for re-opening of the sector. Stakeholders and trade bodies should review their material regularly against the latest Scottish Government guidance to ensure it is compliant with the core requirements.

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