UK Government next steps

The United Kingdom government will make a final decision on July 12th. 

This applies to England ONLY

These are the main headlines

  • Second vaccines for under-40s will be accelerated, happening after eight weeks not 12.
  • People will be allowed to make their own decisions about what is safe, instead of behaviour being determined by laws.
  • All businesses will be able to reopen, including nightclubs.
    All legal limits on indoor and outdoor meetings will go.
  • The one-metre rule on social distancing will go.
  • The legal obligation to wear a face covering will go. Instead, guidance will be issued on when people are advised to wear them.
  • People will no longer be told to work from home.
  • Covid-status certificates will not be required by the government to access venues. But businesses can choose to use them.
  • Test and trace will continue, but the government wants to replace isolation with daily testing.
  • Plans to replace bubbles for school pupils will be announced tomorrow.
  • Plans to replace isolation for fully-vaccinated people returning from amber list countries will be announced later this week.