Vaccination 12 -15 years old

The vaccination of 12 -15 years old is to go ahead in Scotland with one dose of the Pfizer vaccination. Island details will be published when available.
Monday 20 September: (Mainland currently) Drop in clinics will be open for any 12 – 15 year old who has read the information and, in discussion with parents and carers, decided they wish to be vaccinated.
Monday 27 September – letters will be sent to all 12-15-year-olds inviting them to an appointment at a drop-in centre or vaccination clinic.
After the scheduled community sessions, there will be a programme of vaccination in schools, to ensure that anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated, and who decides that they want to be, gets a further opportunity.
The First Minister emphasised that information will be made available and parents are encouraged to get involved in the decision-making.
More details will be published when they are available