Visiting family and friends in hospital

People in hospital who do not have coronavirus (COVID-19) will be able to have a designated visitor from tomorrow, Monday 13 July.

Until now, hospital visits during the pandemic have only been permitted in limited essential circumstances. These include where a patient is reaching end-of-life, where a patient needs a birthing partner to be present or where people with mental health issues would be caused distress if they didn’t receive the benefit of a visit.

In the first phase of this three part plan, hospital visitors will need to adhere to strict public health guidance to ensure patient, staff and visitor safety, and to protect progress made in suppressing the spread of COVID-19. All hospital visitors must:

  • arrange a time to visit in advance with ward staff
  • not visit any other patient in the hospital
  • adhere to strict hand hygiene and face covering guidance
  • maintain strict physical distancing in communal areas of hospital
  • not visit anyone in hospital if they have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19

Specific visiting arrangements may vary between health boards depending on the type of care patients are receiving, and the space available in different care settings to maintain physical distancing.

Updated guidance for hospital visitors can be read online.