What do you do when you think someone is ‘breaking’ the lockdown?

Who do you call?
The island has risen to the challenge of the lockdown. Rules have been observed while an amazing support service has started up. We have stayed safe but we can’t relax yet. Others might.

There have been some problems with people coming on to the island who shouldn’t, some who think lockdown is for other people. And it causes a lot of concern and anger. So what do you do?

The answer is a simple two-step process.

Step 1.
Ask yourself, How risky is it?
You need to decide if their behaviour is a significant risk. What is a significant risk?

People who arrive and start wild-camping who you have not seen before and believe to come off island? Yes.

A suspicious pattern where ‘guests’ change in a holiday home each week or suddenly turn up in a previously empty holiday home? Worth reporting but remember they may be essential workers.

Neighbours sitting five feet apart outside their houses, instead of six? No.

If in doubt, use your judgement. If we phone every time we think someone has broken the lockdown in anyway the Police will soon be overloaded. Help them to protect us – by letting them get on with the stuff that has to be stopped.

It is in all of our interests to get through this. The more we stick to lockdown the safer we’ll be and the sooner it will end. Break the rules in silly ways and we get, all of us get a longer shutdown & all that goes with it. Thanks but no thanks.

And if you are not sure then read on …

Step 2.
The people to call are the Police on 101.

They have clear guidelines and they are used to assessing risks. Remember Essential workers? They are the originals.

Saying that, this is new and difficult territory which they have handled amazingly.

Help the Police to do their job. Like dealing with those who put us at real risk. If in doubt ask. but use your noddy first.

It will be a bitter victory if we keep the island free of Covid-19 but have a community torn apart.

Let’s stick together – we need to.